Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skype: "We are having problems connecting to the download server"

When you go to Skype's main page to download the latest version, you're not really downloading Skype, you're installing a downloader that manages the install of Skype.  Confused yet?  Anyway, sometimes the downloader has problems managing the connection and you'll get errors such as "We are having problems connecting to the download server."

Solution:  Download the standalone install for Skype.

This is especially useful if you have your own download manager that can resume should the source of the problem be a slow or unreliable internet connection.  Or just use it to install it on several computers that may not have an internet connection at the time.



    Nothing of spoken will work, download the .MSI version on the above link from Skype forum.

  2. I've run skype install process is running normally and can enter the login but I wonder can not get into facebook skype as explained which can make voice calls + webcam

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