Saturday, March 5, 2011

Skype Slowness Issues

Problem:  whenever Skype opens, the computer slows down significantly.

Solution (possibly):  I have seen some version of Skype slowdown when trying to pull contacts from Outlook.  Though this feature might be nice for some reason, it wasn't for me and definitely wasn't worth bring my computer to a halt.  Turn off this integration by doing the following:

1.  Open Skype.
2.  Go to Contacts  and make sure "Show Outlook Contacts" is NOT checked.

Older versions of Skype may have the "Show Outlook Contacts" option listed elsewhere, but you should upgrade to the latest version of Skype anyway.  It may fix your problem without disconnecting the Skype/Outlook connection.

Other things to try:  uninstall Skype Toolbar or see if your antivirus might be the culprit. 

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