Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jailbroken iPhone 3.1.3 Apps Crash

I jailbroke my iPhone 3G with firmware 3.1.3 and after doing so, any new apps I installed would crash when trying to open.  It was frustrating to see everything close and be back on the home screen.  I finally fixed it:

In iTunes, select the iPhone under the list of devices. 

Go to the Applications tab and click "Sync Applications."

Click Apply.

Click Sync.

Once the Sync is complete, the apps should open.  Very odd bug, indeed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Excel 2007 - How to Freeze Multiple Columns and/or Rows

 To freeze multiple columns in an Excel spreadsheet, click on the column to the right of the column you wish to freeze and click through the following:

View > Freeze Panes > Freeze Panes

You can do this for rows, too. 

If you want both rows and columns to freeze, then click the single cell you wish to start scrolling with, and go through the same menus above. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blackberry - "My Number" is "Unknown"

When you go to make a call, you notice that "My Number" doesn't actually list your number, it just says "Unknown".  You can manually add this by doing the following:

Go to Settings > Options > Advanced Options > SIM Card

Click the button just to the left of the trackball to bring up an options menu and select "Edit SIM Phone Number".

Enter your phone number and press the trackball to save the number.