Monday, May 14, 2012

Unlock iPhone 3G iOS 4.2.1 Baseband 05.15.04

I went to unlock an iPhone 3G I found on a volcano (true story) and it seemed to go without a hitch...except when I tried to actually use the phone on a network.  Even though it acted like it was jailbroken and ultrasn0w unlocked it, the phone never would actually work on the network.  After some research, I discovered there's a bug with baseband 05.15.04.

The fix seemed simple:  while jailbreaking with Redsn0w, install the iPad baseband.  The problem with this fix? The latest version of Resn0w kept crashing when trying to jailbreak with the iPad baseband.  I also saw a fair share of running pineapples that didn't seem to be running anywhere and continuously rebooting Apple logos.

So after a lot of research and trial and error, it took the right combination of iOS and version of Redsn0w to work.  I give you my solution:

1)  Download iOS 4.2.1 IPSW here.

2)  Download Redsn0w 9.6b5 here.

3)  Run Resn0w 9.6b5 and select the IPSW downloaded in Step 1.

4)  When asked to select your options, check "Install Cydia" and "Install iPad Baseband".

5)  Continue to follow the rest of the instructions to jailbreak your iPhone.

6)  Open Cydia and install ultrasn0w.

You'll be unlocked!


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  2. Just a quick comment to say that this DID work for me. I had an iPhone 3G that was stuck on baseband 05.15.04 and was very hesitant to lose GPS capability but these particular instructions worked perfectly for me, and GPS still functions on my phone. Thanks!!

  3. Quick Question : What to do when iPhone Baseband Upgrade does not work ? What I mean by that is I am following instruction and everything seem to go fine except in Redsn0w when it is uploaded Ram Disk to device it appears to go two bars then stop. About 20 min later phone turns of and reboot to normal locked screen ?

    Now if I choose not to install Baseband it will go through complete with no issue. But when ever i attempt to upgrade base band it only goes two bars stop and no further ? But i Assume i need the base band to downgrade with ultrasn0w if if doesn't work by default ?

    Also been trying 3 days now to work this out (LOL)

    Is there any other details like from other post:

    Take out SIM Card?

    I also have iPhone 3G with FIRMWARE 05.15.04

    1. Try to open the task manager go to the redsnow process -> afinity -> uncheck CPU 0 and CPU 1

  4. More Updates :

    Neither works any different with Sim in or out

    Doesn't work with 0.9.6rc18 or 16 just exit when attempting to write to device

    0.9.6b6 Did appear to work for me :) Ill post back in a few moment with confirmed results

  5. OK I followed the above instruction and found that the redsn0w version would stop when uploading RamDisk. ( 2 Bars and stopped.. )

    I found that in my case i used after many attempt redsn0w 0.9.6b6. This has completed the install with the base band upgrade. So fingers crossed and will show if this also worked for me after the reboots :)

  6. Yeap that was it used Cydia app to install Ultrasn0w and bang all working with upgraded firmware a treat :)

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  8. Eres un puto crack! Great!

  9. Thanks so much this just saved my iphone after searching the net for about a day an a half. Keep it up.

  10. IT WORKS !!! Thank you.

  11. thank you soooo much! it works! gps still works too! yay! <3 finally!

  12. This worked for me as well on my iPhone 3 with baseband 05.15.04. Redsn0w was used to jailbreak, then changed baseband to 06.15, then back down to 05.13.

    I did have problems trying to get ultrasn0w working. It simply would not install using the method of typing in the url. I finally got it to install by selecting it from the long list of sources. Once installed it unlocked the phone within seconds.

    My GPS works as well.

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  14. i'm doing this right now. wish me luck! :) hope this works..

  15. Why is that after i run every kind of redsnow but after it says installing stage 2 then my iphone 3g screen turns white then after a sec it gets stuck on dark grey or dark blue..I still dont have a successful jailbreaking.

    Im using a xp comp with a full serv pack 3 laptop

    This redsnow app sucks.

    Whats the best way to do to be able for my iphone 3g wit bb 5.15.4 to reboot smoothly cause i think it cant reboot by itself.HELP PLEASE THANKS

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  17. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)

  18. Hey,I have the IPhone 3G, and have followed through with the whole video. Everything is going well so far. I have the firmware 4.2.1, but when I go onto Cydia, the ultrasn0w will not install. Instead of the black window with the words appearing, I get a "Cannot Comply" screen. Note: The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found of fixed. Please help!Thank you!!!

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