Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Excel 2007: How To Remove Extra Spaces from Text in a Cell

Some data imports in a spreadsheet can cause some extra spaces to appear before or after text in a cell.  To clean it up, check out the Trim function built in to Excel.  Trim removes any extra spaces besides the spaces between each word.

1)  Create a new column next to the data you wish to trim.  (Unfortunately you can't apply to Trim directly over the top of the current text).

2)  Click the Function (Fx) button next the text box where you input data.

3)  In the "Or select a category:" drop-down, select "Text".

4)  Find Trim from the bottom list and click OK.

5)  Click on the cell that you wish to clean up.

6)  Apply to any other cells or columns you wish to clean up.

7)  Copy the data and paste the values over the original cells.  Voila!

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