Thursday, November 10, 2011

iPhone Stopped Vibrating

One day my iPhone 3G made a funny noise when it started to vibrate.  It sounded like the motor died mid-vibration.  I thought this was the end of my old phone and I was going to be forced to purchase the latest and greatest model, which unfortunately is a problem since I need an unlocked phone for where I live.

But I was able to revive it!  I read online about placing the phone face-down and tapping the back -- not hard, but enough to shake it up a little. It didn't work, so I tried focusing on different parts of the phone.  It seems the best location to tap is on the spot two icons from the bottom right of the screen (but on the backside of the phone).  Basically, put the phone face-down and aim for that spot in the lower-left of the backside.

It worked for me!  It started vibrating, then stopped again.  I had to tap it a couple more times before it would continue working without me having to tap it any longer.  I imagine there's a piece of plastic or a seal floating around in there now, but I'm happy with extending the function for a bit longer.


  1. Works because when you hit the iPhone because the connection back drivers to lean back ... Under the vibrator has a rubber over time and with the heat it gives ... The solution is simple if it ... open the iPhone (look for a tutorial on YouTube that full strategic - I downloaded a PDF on the site and place a rubber pad in with a small piece of paper that makes the connector to be higher and touch the card you had to take to get to the battery. So you do not run the risk of damaging your iPhone because of the punched ... lol. I tried to find this solution in many forums in Brazil and nothing ... I only went to find out even a guy saying it was bad contact ... most say to beat ... However it is good for a while and then back ... Well, I have helped. Hugs to all. Regards. Alex L F Corrêa (Brazil)

  2. @alexlfcorrea...... Exactly WTF are you trying to say?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!